CHAIRS:  Michelle & Gary Kunz


THEME:  Magical Mystery Tour


THEME SPEAKER:  David Landau
Writer, director and producer of Theater

MINISTER Of The WEEK:  Liz Lerner
UU Church, Silver Springs, MD


LOAS Registrar:  Martha Nabatian


Rover: Oskar Schmidt
Malanga - Pam Lietar-Young & Becky Friedkin
Lunging - Jeanie Lindquist & Julie Islen
Cedar - Mary Heafy & John Smith
Duck - (who else?) Toby Dills & Christine Monty
Smuttynose - Victor Finizio & Stacy Zemon
Appledore - Ben Goodwin & Joel Ferat


WORKSHOPS:  This week: 4-day workshops.
Putting Star Island on Silk - June House
Myer-Briggs Type Personality Indicator Assessment workshop - Kate McAteer
New Ways With Watercolor - Candis Dixon
The Magic of Writing - Barb Crane
Interplay on A Star - Dena McPhetres
The Earth Way - Lilly & Jack Moss
Singing For The Fun of It - Beth Wilson
Taking the Mystery Out of Menopause - Irene Bush & Wendy Wilson
FRIDAY WORKSHOPS: Special one-day workshops
Tribal Belly Dancing - Kate Reid
Investing In an Era of Fraud - Rich Dahab
Photographic Techniques - David Meardon
The "Men" In Menopause - Irene Bush & Wendy Wilson
Drumming - Arnie Adler
MMM Good!! - Mexican Cooking - Sam Blando
The Star Island Puzzlemaster Presents - Rich Norris


Sunday - Michelle & Gary Kunz
Monday - Mary Heafy & John Smith
Tuesday - Bob Bader & Shelly Lauer-Bader
Wednesday - Gail Henry & Sam Francis
Thursday - Appledore Youth Group
Friday -Shayna Appel 

The price of Room and Board
(6 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $347 Double: $372
Single: $455 Motel: $394

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$55 for adults $40 under 17

The Boat Ride (Thomas Leighton) cost:

$7.00 for adults $5.00 under 12

Parking costs were: 

$6 per 24 Hour

Special Notes:
The Infamous Leighton 3 Hour Trip Back: We had to wait all morning for the Leighton to show up. As shown in a picture below, those who took their Dramamine, ended up sleeping it off a bit early.
When it finally did show up, the boat ride back was the only trip in my history that I thought we might die. Tacking north and south to go west, with each turn-back a battle against wind, tide, wave and swell, the Captain managed to eventually bring the boat to dock. He received a long, standing ovation (those who were well enough to stand). Those who were there... you know.

Pictures and Images:

Sleeping off the Dramamine

Water Rockets on the (dry) front lawn

Softball Game

Mysterious Schooner

If you have pictures you would like to add to this pages, please e-mail Darren. Along with the photo, please add a caption.

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