CHAIRS:  Darren Grebe & Genie Bane


THEME:  Creating Connections
Using non-violent communications


THEME SPEAKER:  Duke Dushscherer
Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication


MINISTER Of The WEEK:  Alison Miller
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, NJ


LOAS Registrar:  Patti Emmons


Rover: John Smith
Malanga - Allison & Scott Will
Lunging - Carin Torp & Tom Haynes
Cedar - Susan & Justin Haase
Duck - (who else?) Toby Dills & Edie Crane
Smuttynose - Victor Finizio & Peggy Stedman
Appledore - Ben Goodwin & Jude Geiger


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop - Kate McAteer
Meditation - Alan Wells
Fabric Landscapes / Quilting - Barb Crane
Writing Circle - Ellen Schmidt
Yoga - Laura Beth Brown
Soapstone Carving - Candis Dixon
Song Writing - Nick Mahoney
Investing in Your Dreams - Rich Dahab
Jewelry Making with Genny Lambert, Texas Hold 'em Poker with Tom Blum, Decorative & Functional Knots with Candis Dixon, Sahnty Blast with Diane Tarez, Learn a Japanese Song with Miyuki Wiren and Four Spiritualities discussion.


Jenny & Christian Dembaugh - Mysterys of the Far East
Nick, Rhys & Sean Mahoney - Parents & Kids Cooking Together
Gary Kunz - Community MysteryBasket
Sam Blando - Sushi (what else?)
Matt King - Dim Sum - Dine Some


Saturday - Genie Bane & Darren Grebe
Sunday - Michelle & Gary Kunz
Monday - Diane & John Shriver
Tuesday - The Appledore Group
Wednesday - Young Adults Group
Thursday - Ellen Schmidt's Writing Circle
Friday - New Shoalers 


The price of Room and Board
(7 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $569 Double: $608
Single: $736 Motel: $648

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$88 for adults $68 under 17

The Boat Ride (Captain's Lady I & II) cost:

$39 for adults $28 under 12

Parking costs were: 

Included in the Boat ticket

Special Notes:
This was the year that Star Island opened up late in the season because of regulation issues. Both LOAS I and LOAS II were filled to capacity (and then some) with very grateful shoalers.

Pictures and Images:


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