August 9 to 16, 2014

Playing for Social Good: Building a Better World Together by Exploring Why We Do What We Do
Yes, these are your Chairs for 2014!! Rejoice!
LOAS I 2014 Chairs are
Stephanie & Will Ronco


BREAKING NEWS: The 2014 Conference Letter is available for download. You may have already received it via email.

    BABYSITTING is available on the second AND third floors of Oceanic, not just the second floor!
   ACCESS to the business center is now free (printing and copies are still charged for)
YOUTH GROUP AGES were incorrectly stated in the conference letter. The assignments you received from Jenn Khavari are the correct ones.

 A thrilling week of exploration into how we understand ourselves and interact with the world around us, and how we can work together to create a better future. We’ll also share workshops, music, and worship to nourish the mind, replenish the soul, and tan the body. Join us – for fun!

Predictably Irrational Theme Speaker: Dan Ariely, Ph. D., will be speaking on this year's theme, leading the conference in an exploration of play, work, and why we do what we do.

 Dan is the best selling author of…

·    Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

·     The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home

·     The Honest Truth about Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone -- Especially Ourselves

 To get a preview of Dan Ariely's ideas and presentation style, check out his popular Ted Talks. You can also download his weekly podcast, Arming the Donkeys.

Minister of the Week: Revs. David and Teresa Schwartz will be co-ministers for the week. David and Teresa are graduates of Harvard Divinity School, and are currently co-ministers at the First Unitarian Church of Chicago.

Want to get a sense of their style? Listen to podcasts of their past sermons.

Registrar: Joyce Pickel

Youth Coordinator:
Jennifer Khavari
Jennifer's Assistant (Floater): Patti Emmons

Group Youth Leaders
Malanga Tanya Kensley, Claire and Roni Phipps Ages 0 to 2 Louisa's Barn
Lounging  Rosie Millsgrassen and Max Lauer-Bader Ages 3 to 5 Kiddie Barn
Cedar Vanessa Rose and Molly Phipps Grades 1-3 Lawrence
Duck Fred Mills and Kristin Tlili Grades 4,5 Parker
Smutty Toby Dills and Christine Monty Grades 6-9 Brookfield
Appledore Marsden Licea-Kane and Taylor Travers Grades 10-12 Marshman



Workshops and Starbursts:

Week long classes offered daily

with Ken Keech

Ken, cofounder of Improv Everywhere, will be leading the workshop , in which we will remind ourselves that adults are also allowed to have fun.

with Amy Smith

Amy, who is the founder of MIT's D-Lab will be leading a workshop on how to make and play the games of different cultures around the world.

with Kristina Fuller & Graham Fuller 

This musical power couple (vocal director of Parlando school for performing arts, and founder of Colorado's most renowned a capella group) will guide us through a self-made symphony of group vocal experience. No experience is necessary to participate! Lift up your voice to the stars with us!
with Madeline Bergstrom and Hop Hopkins

Madeline and Hop will be leading shoalers of all shapes and sizes. They will guide us through partner yoga, relaxing yoga, and (weather permitting) outdoor yoga. Madeline and Hop have over 15 years experience teaching yoga and are excited to work with beginners and advanced students.

with Sue Sheffler

A fun and physical dance experience for all ages, with music suitable for everyone.  Sue is a certified Zumba instructor and more energetic than any two people you know combined.

Callings, Passions & Obsessions
with David Whitford 

In this year's edition of LOAS 1's "Book Club On Island Time," we'll read about artists, athletes, lovers, entrepreneurs and social activists -- men and women, that is, who are consumed by something larger than themselves. One magazine profile per day. David will provide photocopies as needed but if you have a tablet or e-reader, bring it to the island for digital access to the entire reading list.


Single, 45 Minute Mini-Workshops to fill in your days

with Emily & Brian Levine

with Dawn Reed
for ALL!!!
with John Pustell & Randall Grometstein


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