Whole Health Awareness 
with Laura And Hugh Silk

     For all those interested in participating in the Tuesday (1 day only) Workshop with the Silks on Whole Health, it is strongly suggested you take the on-line 3 minute test below to assess your life expectancy and health-span expectancy (how long you are expected to be healthy). 

     Note - this workshop will cover factors that contribute to health (beyond traditional topics) and you will learn how you can improve the numbers you get on this initial Blue Zone Vitality Test.  

     Click on link below and then print or download and bring results to Star.  You will have to join Blue Zones to get the results - you can cancel Blue Zones membership after you get the results but this is a great resource on how to stay healthy including easily explained research from around the world, recipes, etc. It is free and the Silks have no personal investment or financial relationship with Blue Zones (they just like their vitality test). 

True Vitality Test by Blue Zones

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