The following is a list of the volunteer positions for LOAS I. We are currently in the process of including a description of each volunteer position. If you would like to volunteer for an open position, contact Bernadette and Scott
Current: January 1st, 2019

Position Filled

  Appledore Trip Leader  
X Art Show Coordinator Jeila Gueramian & Sara Whitford
  After Banquet Children's Activities  
  Bingo Coordinator/Caller  
  Carnival Ringleader  
X Chalkboard Scribe Rebecca Armstrong
  Chapel Bell Ringer - Morning  
  Chapel Bell Ringer - Evening  
  Chapel Flowers  
X Chapel Service - Intergenerational Keech/Rose Family
  Chief Polar Bear   
  Child Care for Morning Chapel  
  Children's Bedtime Stories  
  Children's Hotel Room Signs  
X Clams & Mussels Ann Ford
X Final Banquet Hosts Jackie Trimble Shapiro & Linnea Bardarson
  Final Party - Adults  
  Final Party - Jr. & Sr. High Groups  
X Grand March Marshall Jill Brody
  Ice-Breaker Coordinator  
  Intergenerational Dance/Karaoke  
  Kickball Coordinator  
  Kids Social Hour Sign Up Manager  
@ Kiddie Barn (Dragon)
  Kids Social Hour Sign Up Manager  
@ Front Porch
  LOAS 1 Official Photographer  
  Marshmallow Roast/Bonfire  
X Morning Coffee Cori Hoffman & Judy Crawford
  Morning Wake-Up Singers  
  Musicale Host  
  Name Tags  
X New Shoalers' Orientation John Hoffman
  New-Old Shoaler Contacts  
  Porch Bell Ringing Coordinator  
X Road Race Coordinator Ellen Emers
  Silent Auction  
  Softball Coach  
  Softball Announcer   
  Social Hour Hosts - Adults  
  Social Hour Music Maestros  
X Star Gazing Bill Ossman
X Star Island Annual Fund Coordinator Emily Jones
  Starlettes Choreographer  
  Starlite Cafe Host  
  Talent Show Host  
X Tie-dye Captain Steve Copithorne
  Welcome Cookies  
  Xtreme Mighty Mite Softball Coach  


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