Current as of: January 2nd, 2017


The island staff provides babysitters every evening from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm. (There is no longer a charge for this service.) To facilitate this service, families with children eight years and younger will be housed together, usually in the Oceanic Hotel.

This service is a group sitter service. Babysitters are not expected to put children to bed, change, or entertain them. Sitters are stationed in the hallways near the children's rooms to listen, to see that the children are safe, and to see that the parents are sent for if their child/children need them.

If a child gets up for the bathroom or other needs, sitters watch in case the child needs help, and especially to make sure that no child wanders outside of the area the sitter is watching. Sitters do look into each room from time to time, and of course talk to any child who is restless, but they cannot linger in any room.

If a child becomes sick, too upset, or unmanageable, a message will be sent to the parents by a Bellhop, stating that the child needs to see a parent. Should an emergency arise, the conference doctor or nurse will also be summoned.

Parents using the childcare service are responsible for their children after 11:00 pm. The sitters check in on the children in their care just before that time and (unless there is a problem) leave at 11:00 pm - whether or not the parents have returned.

All parents should meet the sitters each evening in order to communicate any instructions or concerns.





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