Current as of: January 2nd, 2017


  • The weather on the island can vary quite a bit , even in the course of a day. Bring layers. 

  • Bring clothing to accommodate the sun, wind and even rain and at least two pairs of shoes. 

  • Bring a swimsuit for polar bearing or an afternoon dip on hot days. 

  • Some people like to dress for the Final Banquet Night, so bring a special outfit if you are so inclined. Note that there are no laundry facilities on the island. 

  • You will want to have a jacket, sweater or hat to wear on the boat ride to Star Island, since even if the weather is sunny and warm on the mainland, the boat ride can be chilly.  Be sure to put these items in your carry on bag. 

  • There will be both a musicale and a talent show, so think about bringing costumes, skits, ideas and musical instruments. 

  • You may also want to bring some sports equipment (Star Island has bats, balls, horseshoes, etc.), such as kites, Frisbees, tennis racquets and balls, baseball mitts, etc. 

  • Insect repellent, sun block, prescription medicines (enough to last you a few extra days, just in case you have to stay longer then planned on Star Island due to weather conditions), and a flashlight (with extra batteries) are a good idea.  If you need medical equipment please contact the conference registrar. 

  •  Bring your fishing gear if you would like to fish off of the rocks. 

  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted on Star Island for room & board, at the gift shop and the book store but not at the snack bar. 

  • Some items you will need cash for:

    Clams/mussels at one social hour (if you want to have clams/mussels)

    Trip to Appledore Island (if you choose to go on the trip - usually held on Tuesday afternoon).

    Donations at the daily social hour - participants need to cover the cost of snacks and beverages. Please donate to the basket each evening to cover your consumption of snacks and beverages.

    The snack bar.

  • There is no ATM on the island.
  • You can charge the following items to your hotel room bill if you would like:


                  Conference photo

                  Cost of the lobster dinner for Wednesday night (approximately $20/ea). There is no charge if you  plan to eat
                  the regular meal on lobster night.


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