Current as of: January 2nd, 2017


Smoking and the lighting of matches, candles, incense or any related materials is prohibited in ALL Star Island buildings, without exception.

In 2014, outside smoking was only allowed in a few select area - those ONLY with a butt can nearby. Those locations are: the Summer House, Lindquist Deck, The deck outside of Marshman, Brookefield front deck and the end of the Pier (when events are not occurring) 

Due to danger of brush and grass fires, smoking is not permitted on the grounds on any part of the island, including the rocks. Lighted candles are allowed only at conference-sponsored functions with prior approval from the fire marshal. Violators will be required to leave the island on the next boat. As the agent of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is obligated to enforce this regulation without exception. Any conferee leaving under these circumstances will be charged for the full conference period.

Campfires supervised by island staff and pre-arranged use of fireplaces are the only open fires allowed on Star Island. Additionally, any use of fire or combustible material in workshops or children's programs must have prior and specific approval from the fire marshal.

Conscientious conferees have made a practice of saving or collecting cigarette butts and matches to dispose of in guest rooms. However, embarrassing situations have occurred because Chamber Crew is required to report to the Executive Director any evidence of smoking in guest quarters. Therefore, please place all cigarette butts in the butt cans, located on the first floor porches and decks.

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