Current as of: December 3rd, 2016

What to Expect on Your First Day

Your first afternoon and evening on Star island focuses on reviewing life on the island and orienting you to what is being offered during the week:

  • New Shoaler orientation - meet at the east end of the porch under the "Island Tour" sign. 

  • Island orientation (Elliot Hall) - led by the Island Manager. This is the only meeting of the week that is mandatory for all Shoalers - old and new. 

  • Family Orientation (Elliot Hall) - led by the Youth program coordinator, immediately after the Island Orientation. All families with children through 12th grade must attend this short orientation to meet the youth leaders and get some essential information about responsibilities involving your children. 

  • Social Hour - Adult social hour includes snacks as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Adult Social hours are held on the Lindquist deck or on the Stone Village Lawn in good weather and inside Newtown in bad weather. Friends of Bill meet in the Pink Parlor. Young adult social hour (grades 9 and above) is on the west end of the hotel porch. Youth social hour (grades 2 to 8) is held on the east end of the hotel porch and on the front lawn. There is child care for infants through 1st grade in Louise's Barn.  All children need to be picked up no later the 6:15. Social hour begins at 5:30 for both LOAS I & II. 

  • Dinner (Dining Room) - the start of this first meal is a bit different than all of the other meals. Old Shoalers have been matched up with New Shoalers for this first dinner. At the first bell (6:25 pm for both LOAS I & II), the New Shoalers and their host will enter the dining room to be seated. At the second bell (a few minutes later), (6:30 pm for both LOAS I & II) everyone else will enter the dining room. 

  • Conference Orientation (Elliot Hall) - the chairs of the week will introduce the Theme Speaker, Minister of the week, workshop leaders and activity leaders. You will be able to hear more about what has been planned for the week. 

  • Candlelight Chapel - assemble on the east end of the porch for our silent, candlelit walk to our first evening chapel.

Be sure to check the chalkboard in the hotel lobby for each day's events, times and locations. All times and places are subject to change!


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