Current as of: January 2nd, 2017


****  You MAY arrive on Star Island before your luggage does. You should carry with you any medication that you will need during the day and early evening. ****

Star Island has a First Aid Station. While not guaranteed, the Star Island Corporation makes every attempt to arrange for a nurse and doctor to staff the First Aid Station during the conference season. The First Aid Station is not a hospital or clinic. Its primary function is to provide first aid and emergency treatment until the patient can be transported to a hospital (if needed). Medical staff may defer treatment of a patient for any illness or injury that clearly does not require prompt attention. In particular, this would apply to any minor problem that a conferee may bring to the island, but could be treated when the conferee returns to the mainland.

There is a basic fee for care and treatment to any patient for the use of the First Aid Station and/or staff services. Each patient will pay for hospital laboratory tests, prescriptions, ace bandages, crutches (if kept) and similar kinds of supplies.

Under the best of circumstances, it can take almost two hours to transport someone from the island to a hospital in Portsmouth.


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