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All remote, isolated communities develop their own vernacular to describe things and situations peculiar to their surroundings, and Star Island is not an exception.  Here are some words which have special meaning on Star:

Pelican:  College age staff person who is working on the island as a summer job.  NOT a large bird.  Pelicans are usually quite happy to stop and answer questions that you might have about anything to do with island life.  They are a wealth of information about island geography (e.g. Where is Vaughn?  Where are good places to take pictures? etc.).

Penguin:  Older, more "senior" staff.

Waitrae:  Pelican who serves your meals.  This is a non-gender-specific version of Waitress and Waiter. 

Chamber: Pelican who makes your bed and cleans your room.  Also non-gender-specific.

Truckie:  Pelican who handles all you luggage and supplies on and off the boats.

Dockie:  Pelican Life Guard.

Deskie:  Pelican who works at the hotel's front desk.  (By now you get the idea...)

Lindquist Deck: The deck located in the middle of the motel units and just north of Newton. Social Hour is held here when it's too windy in the Stone Village.

New Shoaler:  A person attending a LOAS conference for the first time.

Old Shoaler:  You're only a New Shoaler once, then you're an Old Shoaler...

Stone Village:  The group of buildings made of native stone and located south of the chapel.  The grassy area among the Stone Village buildings is often the site of Social Hour when it's sunny.

Social Hour:  A time before supper when conferees can gather and have a glass of sherry, wine or beer. The Friends of Bill meet in the Pink Parlor in the Oceanic Hotel during Social Hour. Legal drinking age is 21 in New Hampshire.

Starburst:  A one-day, one-hour workshop.   Drop in to see what's happening.

Starlight Cafe:  Really not so much a cafe as a jam session.  Conferees who can't go to sleep at 10:45 pm gather to entertain each other with music, poetry reading, jokes and whatever.  Try it!

Star Cheer:  Shouted in unison (often) in appreciation for just about anything.  Star cheers are tradition during arrival and departure:

Oceanic.  Oceanic.  Rah!  Rah!  Rah!
<name of person being recognized, or other phrase such as "You will come back", shouted 3 times>

The pelicans have their own version where everything is shouted backwards.


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