CHAIRS:  Grace & Carl Lindquist

Grace and Carl were asked by Russ Twiss to help fill in. Since they were not in charge for the full week, they did not choose the Theme Speaker. Here is Grace telling of the week:

     "Ruth Twiss called in despair because the people had backed out" .  "Twissie organized everything in those days - made the rules.
     She was an old schoolteacher type - very strong-willed".  "I don't remember much about the conferences specifically, but we were busy every minute...  I had never been in a situation where people were so helpful... It was very easy to fit in."  I remember "we ran an anti-smoking campaign and gave out awards.  The smokers got mad at us, and then we all went out to the graveyard on the last night and smoked!
     In those days you could smoke anywhere on the porch."  "And the tennis courts! You could blame anything on the cracks!"  Carl was often the Talent Show host.  He and another guy put on a very memorable pantomime showing a typical tennis game - they were diving all over the stage trying to hit the imaginary ball.  It was hysterically funny."


THEME:  Old Values and New Ways


THEME SPEAKER:  Dr. Paul N. Carnes
Minister UU in Buffalo, NY


REGISTRAR:  Marion Wheeler

The price of Room and Board
(6 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $57 Double: $
Single: $66 Motel: $

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$18 for adults $12 under 17

The Boat Ride cost:

$4 for adults $3 under 12

Parking costs were: 
unknown whether it was still Public parking or not.

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