Early LOAS Stories as told by Aaron & Sally Hamburger
Twissie's Sherry Hour Insurrection in the Showers
Attempted Murder at Midnight! 
(LOAS 1, 1972)
The "Feminine Mystique" meets LOAS 1 (1982)
REGISTRARíS REPORT: A Story of Faith In Action Have you Had Your Star Island Hug Today?
The Greeley's Capture LOAS 1 New Zealand Sports Heroine
(LOAS 1 1976)


"Profiles" 1986 Article on Dave and Edith Pierson - the Winter Caretakers from 1976 on

Yankee Magazine article showing the daily life and perks of being a Pelican

One of the maps from the 1970's

The Viking Star, circa 1969

"Insularity and The Isles of Shoals" by Fred McGill


Early LOAS Postcards



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