CHAIRS:  David & Nancy Simpson


THEME:  Ordinary People - Extraordinary Dreams
Moving beyond the self-confinement of the 70's towards renewing community in the 80's

THEME SPEAKERS:  Rev. Victor Carpenter, Jr.
Arlington Street Church, Boston, MA

REGISTRAR:  Sally Hamburger
The first year that Sally is Registrar and also the first year of the Lottery - a way to stop enterprising shoalers from gaming the registration system and to create more equality

The price of Room and Board
(6 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $120 Double: $
Single: $135 Motel: $

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$24 for adults $16 under 17

The Boat Ride cost:

$6 for adults $4 under 12

Parking costs were: 

$2.00 per Day

Special Notes:
Since there were a large number of 19 to 22 year olds in attendance, the chairs decided to create the Brookfield Alumni Association (the senior high was originally housed in Brookfield) to band them together. Fred Mills was made the ad hoc mentor and they did various volunteer duties during the week.

Pictures and Images:

Kid's Circus on Tennis court

Kid's Circus on Tennis court

Brookfield Alumni Association in Chapel

Brookfield Alumni Association on Porch

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