CHAIRS:  Ken & Sara Schoman


THEME:  Creative Conflict Resolution
Resolving different types of international conflict


THEME SPEAKERS:  Prof. Craig Murphy
Wellesley College


MINISTER of the WEEK: Rev. Nina Grey
Keene, NH


REGISTRAR:  Sally Hamburger

The price of Room and Board
(6 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $176 Double: $191
Single: $230 Motel: $200

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$38 for adults $26 under 17

The Boat Ride cost: (First increase since 1978)

$7.75 for adults $5.25 under 12

Parking costs were: (First increase since 1978)

$3.00 per Day

Special Notes:

Pictures and Images:

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