CHAIRS:  Sara & David Whitford


THEME:  Let it Be A Dance


Original THEME SPEAKER:  Ric Masten*
Poet, singer, songwriter, performer, UU Minister

Actual THEME SPEAKERS:  Ron Suskind* & Anne Boutelle*
Nationally known author & Professor at Smith College

* On theme speakers; we were all set up with Ric Masten, until he had to withdraw for health reasons. We then recruited Ron Suskind, who came but had to miss the first two days. 
We filled the other half with Annie Boutelle, a Smith College professor, old shoaler (her husband has been the island doctor for other conferences), and author of a new book of poems written in the voice of Celia Thaxter.  (David Whitford)


MINISTER Of The WEEK:  Carlton Elliott Smith
Assistant Minister, Arlington, MA


LOAS Registrar:  Patti Emmons


Yoga Ė with Kim Donovan
Dream Interpretation - with Bob Childs
Tapestry Weaving - with Erica Licea-Kane
Living well/Dying Well - with Celeste Yanni
How to Create and Sustain a Menís Group - with Larry Chorowski
Singing - with Anne Goodwin
Letís Cook Together!- with Dick Pereli (late afternoon)


Sunday - David & Sara Whitford
Monday - Pat McNaught & Tom Van Gordon
Tuesday - Peter Berkrot & Karen Lund
Wednesday - Steve & Beth Copithorne
Thursday - Senior High (Appledore) Group
Friday - The Men's Group


The price of Room and Board
(6 Day Conference, per Person):

Triple: $459 Double: $492
Single: $602 Motel: $522

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$80 for adults $60 under 17

The Boat Ride (Captain's Lady) cost:
This is the first year that the conference departs out or Rye Harbor instead of Portsmouth. The Captain's Lady I and II were used to ferry all conferees to the island in a staggered schedule. Old Shoalers will remember this was the way it used to be.

$30 for adults $25 under 12

Parking costs were: 


Special Notes:
The reason that we needed to start working out of Rye Harbor is that the ISSCO, home of the Thomas Leighton, was not able to offer us a new contract because of the upgraded requirements of the Homeland Security Dept. Because of the size of the boats, two trips were needed to convey the entire conference.

Pictures and Images:


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