CHAIRS:  Jill Brody & Herb Emers


THEME:  Conversations in Global Equality


E.D. of Grantmakers Without Borders


MINISTER Of The WEEK:  Maggie Rebman
UU, Montpelier, VT

LOAS Registrar:  Patti Emmons


Wool Felting, Yoga, Folk Dancing, Documentary Videography, Drama, Choral singing and Exploring Business, Ethic & the Global Marketplace

The price of Room and Board
(7 Day Conference, per Person):
This is the first year that LOAS 1 changed from 6 day to 7 day conference.

Triple: $569 Double: $608
Single: $736 Motel: $648

The amount for LOAS Program Fees:

$88 for adults $68 under 17

The Boat Ride (Thomas Leighton) cost:

$39 for adults $28 under 12

Parking costs were: 

$10 per Day

Special Notes:
This was the year that Star Island opened up late in the season because of regulation issues. Both LOAS I and LOAS II were filled to capacity (and then some) with very grateful shoalers. May conferees who came to the LOAS conferences for the first time have become mainstays of LOAS.

Pictures and Images:


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