Saturday, August 21 to Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Musical Connections"

This past year's co-chairs were brothers Matthew and Gifford King

Please join us for a week of exploration and workshops on making personal and spiritual connections through music. While connecting, we’ll have some fun and relaxation.

Theme Speaker: JIM SCOTT
Jim Scott will lead our week on Star and, along with others, help us make personal and spiritual connections through music. An exciting acoustic guitarist, singer, and composer of powerful music that furthers the ideals of ecology, justice, and peace, Jim makes an impact on hearts and minds across the world.
He is one of the rare musicians who have transcended stylistic boundaries, recording or sharing the stage with luminaries from the jazz, classical and folk music worlds in venues from Carnegie Hall and the Newport Jazz Festival to a concert at the end of the Great Peace March with folk legends Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow.
In his years as guitarist for the Paul Winter Consort, Jim led thousands in the song “Common Ground” and his own eco-anthem, “A Song For The Earth.” He was co-composer of the Consort’s monumental choral work, “Missa Gaia/Earth Mass,” and recorded “A Concert for the Earth” in the Great Hall of the United Nations.
Lately, Jim has devoted more time to composing and arranging. He regularly performs and offers workshops for young people in elementary schools and libraries. He has long been active in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church. and has visited over 300 UU churches across the country, leading services, presenting concerts, and offering workshops. Three of Jim’s songs are included in the new Unitarian Universalist Hymnbook, and “Gather The Spirit” has become a favorite across the denomination. Jim has served on the board of the UU Musicians Network and was Co-Chair of the ecological/spiritual activist group the UU “Seventh Principle Project.”
To learn more about Jim Scott, check out


Minister of the Week:
Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay is a lifelong UU with masters degrees in divinity and theology from Harvard University. She is currently the minister at The Unitarian Universalist Church in Silver Spring MD.


Youth Leaders:

Malaga  Elisse Ghittleman and Alison & Scott Will Birth to Kindergarden
Cedar Julie Romero and John Smith 1,2, & 3
Duck Edie Crane and Toby Dills 4, 5 & 6
Smuttynose Victor Finizio and Jennifer Messner 7, 8 & 9
Appledore Jennifer Whitten and David Messner 10, 11 & 12


Workshops and Starbursts: (due to changes - keep checking back for updates)

Writing Circle
Ellen Schmidt

Connect creatively with yourself and others in the Writing Circle. It’s a time to relax and write from the heart in a warm, supportive environment.  We write very differently than we talk or think -  you’ll be inspired by what you discover about yourself and others.  New “sparks” daily to kindle stories, poems, memories, and more. Come one, some, or every day.  Bring a notebook and pen/pencil.
Soapstone Creations
Candice Dixon

If you have been to LOAS II in the last decade, then you will know about fine powder all over the Lindquist Deck. You will know about the extra Band-aids needed to finish the project. You will have seen the hunched over artisans tenaciously scraping away with some sort of file.
Join Candice and bring your muscles to create one of a kind Soapstone Creations
Exploring Woman's History Through Folk Song
Diane Tarez Shriver

A look at the daily life of ordinary women, and men, in Europe and America from 1500 to 1850 using the lyrics of the songs they sang to speed their work, ease their hearts, and lift there spirits in a world lit only by fire. Wonderful lyrical melodies and fascinating words sung a Capella or with guitar or dulcimer.
    Singer/songwriter Diane Taraz has performed in hundreds of places -- coffeehouses, clubs, libraries, museums, restaurants, historical societies, and private houses -- bringing her velvety voice and vivid songs to audiences of all ages. Laughter abounds as she uses her dry wit to explain both her own award- winning songs and the traditional material into which she breathes new life. Audiences listen entranced as she sings a cappella, a challenging style at which she excels.
     Dirty Linen magazine calls her a "fine, inventive guitarist," and she plays lap dulcimer with unusual intensity.
     Diane's songs draw much inspiration from traditional folk. "Raisin Pie," based on a family memory, is a haunting tribute to the power of music to ease the trials of everyday life. "Gathered Safely In" is an instant classic, made for singing along. "Normandy" and "Amaryllis," performed with voice alone, are gorgeous traditional melodies for which Diane wrote new words.
     Her spellbinding "Walk Away" has been used as a theme song for fundraising walks in the fight against domestic violence. Sing Out! magazine published "Walk Away" in 1994, calling it "one of the best."
     Many of Diane' songs draw inspiration from weird and wonderful events of the past. "The Sea-Serpent of Cape Ann" tells the story of that mythical New England beastie. "Les Filles du Roi" looks back at her great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother's leap into the unknown as one of the young women who sailed to New France in the 1600s to marry the settlers in Quebec. In "The Ballad of Deborah Samson" she tells the true story of a Massachusetts woman who served in the Revolutionary War, disguised as a man.
     Her newest song is "Let's Go Canoeing on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagungamogg," singing the praises of this actual body of water in central Massachusetts, also known (thank goodness) as Webster Lake.
Gosport Town Band
Laurence & Peggy Saunders
Come join the Gosport Town Band. Laurence and Peggy Saunders will revive a Star Island tradition for our Conference. Players of all levels and ages are invited to gather by the Well House and tune up for everything from polkas to marches and concert pieces. We'll play for the softball game, the boat, a parade and just for fun. 
Laurence and Peggy are Old Shoalers, but new to our conference, with lots of experience playing with Town bands in New England. They will bring some spare instruments. Contact them if you need something or have questions, (603) 827-2962.
Town Bands tend to be intergenerational with children, parents and grand parents encouraging each other. Professional musicians are invited to join, share and coach. All members are encouraged to lead at least a piece or two in rehearsal. Children may join after their group ends at 11:45. 

So dust off that old trombone in the attic and lug it onto the boat for old fashion fun and new friends on Star Island.

Peggy and Laurence are theoretically retired school teachers. In 1988 or ‘89 the Saunders mostly Brass Quintet played Christmas music and six months later was the nucleus for band music for GTB the July 4th parade at Star. All Star I conference has enjoyed other leaders of the GTB. We can bring some spare instruments; contact us if you are unsuccessful in obtaining some instrument with which to join the band. 
Laurence: 603.827.2962 Harrisville NH or cell 603.313.2354. or Laurie (on Star Island ~ Gosport) - Include Gosport or GTB in subject line.

YOGA DNbluescarfrevWMTM.JPG
Darlene Nadeau, MS, MEd
Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga & Pilates Instructor
AVIVA Wellness
3 Binks Hill Road, Plymouth, NH  • 603-493-1478

      Darlene’s interest in yoga and meditation began at age 18.  Darlene’s gentle yoga classes are infused with awareness, acceptance, compassion, and mindfulness.  She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and integrates yoga traditions from Anusara, Iyengar, and Ananda yoga studies. 
Currently as a massage therapist Darlene recommends yoga postures which support and enhance clients’ health and well being.   For example, specific poses increase range of movement, improve postural alignment, relieve repetitive strains, increase immune response, lower blood pressure, and much more. 
     Darlene enjoys connecting with supporting each person’s highest levels of wellness. She has a passion for learning, growing, and thriving. She also delights in travel, nature, gardening and dance. 

Covenant Circles
Arthur Eves & Myra Aaronson

Covenant Circles, led by Myra Aaronson and Arthur Eves, provide a unique means for up to ten individuals to meet daily to share and listen deeply within community. One group will be offered in the morning and a separate one in the afternoon. Each creates a climate to make deeper and more lasting connections, to share our spiritual journeys and appreciate those of others, to mine our depths and bring hidden jewels into the light--or sometimes to discover sediment that we can then discard, to contemplate our universality amidst our diverse experiences and paths, to learn to listen and to speak from a deep place within ourselves.

Single, 45 Minute Mini-Workshops to fill in your days

Learn To Knit
with Alison Green-Will
Alison will take you through the basics of the knit stitch, and possibly other knitting techniques as time allows. Or, if you know the basics and want to start an easy project, Alison can get you started on an easy watchcap.If you have yarn and knitting needles you can bring, that's great, and will have a small number of supplies available for purchase.

The Knit Doctor is IN
with Alison Green-Will
Need help with a knitting project? Forgot where you left off on that old sweater? Having sizing issues? Bring all your ailing knitting projects for Alison's expert diagnosis!

Star Stencils
with June House
Here's your chance to make your own one-of-a-kind Star Island Souvenir!  Bring a pre-washed T-shirt, tote bag, apron, sneakers, jeans, or anything else you'd like to decorate with Star Island images and sayings.  This is not inter-generational; high schoolers and up are welcome.  I'll stretch this Starburst out for an entire afternoon to accommodate all. 
Gift Box Folding
With Sam Francis and Gail Henry
Learn how to make use of those greeting cards you find too pretty to
throw away. Sam Francis will show you a simple origami folding technique that you can use with cards, cardstock and papers to make small gift boxes. This is a great craft for personal use, but also good if you work with youth groups or have children of any age. This is an intergenerational starburst and all ages are welcome. (under 7 with a partner over 12).
Canajun eh? - Immigrants From The North
with Kathleen Hunter
Why the U.S. should open it's northern border to free immigration from Canada and how this will solve many social and economic problems
Elder Care & Planning: You Really Need This!
with Michelle Kunz
Are you wondering how to pay for your elderly parents (or your own) needs? Does the idea of living to 100 scare the heck out of you? Well, join the crowd. There are ways to pay for care that you might not know about. And if there are questions that you have which can't be answered at the Starburst, I will do my best to get answers for you once we get back to the mainland. 
Book Group: The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Hosted by Joanna Henderson

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