August 22 to 29, 2015
The Chairs for LOAS 2, 2015 are Jamie & Paul Jensen

"Igniting Human Potential"

Can businesses (and individuals) aspire to more noble purposes…and manage themselves according to a set of shared values?  What happens when they do?  As Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Companies, a 90 year-old family business based in Richmond, Mark Fernandes is a leading thinker and speaker on the topic of Values Based Leadership (VBL).  Mark will share his company’s amazing journey and their mission to ignite human potential and positively impact the lives of others.  He will also share his thoughts on how VBL can apply to our own lives and help us attend to our mind, body and spirit to experience self-renewal.


The Theme Speaker:  Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Companies
As Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Companies, Mark Fernandes is a leading thinker on the topic of Values Based Leadership.  Mark will share his company’s amazing journey and mission to ignite human potential. He will also share his thoughts on how VBL can apply to our own lives and help us experience self-renewal.


Minister of the Week: The Reverend Dr. Stephanie May
The Rev. Dr. Stephanie May is Minister of the First Parish in Wayland, MA.  A lifelong lover of religious community, Stephanie was ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister in 2014 after a long search for a spiritual home. Stephanie brings to her work a love of religious questions and a passion for building community.  She received her Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2002 and a doctorate in theology (ThD) from Harvard Divinity School in 2012. Her academic work explores the intersection of religion and women's studies with a particular focus on concepts of home. Stephanie has been adjunct faculty at Brandeis University and Boston College as well as a chaplain at Wellesley College. A former managing editor of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Stephanie continues to sit on the editorial and governing boards.

Raised in Michigan, Stephanie has lived in the Boston area for more than a decade. Although new to Star Island, she has attended religious camps all of her life, including an old-fashioned Methodist camp meeting and a Lutheran community in the Cascade Mountains. Excited for her first visit to Star Island, she looks forward to fostering a sense of connection to one another and to the beautiful place we will share. 

Registrar: Mary Heafy

An answer to: What do kids do during your conference?
     Life on A Star is a family conference.  Children and youth meet with their peer groups and two experienced group leaders every morning and afternoon for fun and adventure.  On any given day, you might find your child playing ping pong or volleyball, exploring a neighboring island, racing hand made boats off the dock, visiting the marine lab, climbing on the playground equipment or tie dying.  And while your children are busy reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, you will be free to explore workshops and special activities designed just for the grown ups.   Meals are served family style and evening activities are geared for the whole family as well.  Some of the LOAS 2 beloved traditions include: the Talent Show, intergenerational dance, the Musicale, lobster night, marshmallow roast on the rocks, bingo night, sharing a lime rickey at the snack bar, or just relaxing over a board game with a group of new friends.

Youth Coordinator: Edie Crane
Any questions before we are on-island should be directed to Jamie Jensen
Youth Floater: Susan Haase

     While on Island, the children and youth join a youth group named for one of the Isles of Shoal - these groups are loosely based on their age group assignment.   The island names, age group and youth leader are listed below.

Group Youth Leaders

Malaga Michael Scott and Sally Byrne  Louisa's Barn
Lunging  Jennifer LeBaire and Dana Shoults Kiddie Barn
Cedar Bill LeBaire and Andrea Freund Lawrence
Duck Toby Dills and Jessica Robidoux Parker
Smutty Victor Finizio and Michael Leger Brookfield
Appledore Anna Henschel and Michael Millesap Marshman


Workshops and Starbursts:

Week long classes offered daily

Special programming 
with the
National Wildlife Federation 

:::Desktop:images-2.jpegWe are delighted to bring the National Wildlife Federation to Star Island this year. Children, youth, and adults will have the opportunity to learn from NWF educators in a series of informative, fun and interactive sessions, and explore opportunities for increasing our environmental stewardship.    

Our carbon “footprint” measures the impact certain activities have on our planet.  On Star Island this year, we will look for opportunities to talk about our “handprint” -- those small things we can do to make a difference in caring for our environment and the world around us.  

The National Wildlife Federation is a voice for wildlife, dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat and inspiring the future generation of conservationists.

Dyeing with Natural Materials
Elizabeth Hutchinson

     Spend the week with our Art Historian, Elizabeth Hutchinson, and step back in time as she teaches us the art of dyeing with natural materials found on the island.
     Long before synthetic dyes were invented in the nineteenth century, artists and craftspeople produced a marvelous range of colored cloth using natural materials.  Natural dyes are biodegradable, non-toxic, and yield rich, muted tones from across the spectrum. In this workshop, we will dye cloth and yarn with pigments derived from indigo, kitchen scraps, and plants and lichens gathered (with the naturalist’s permission) from Star Island.  Coordinated starbursts will focus on teaching sewn piecework and two-color knitting in order to allow participants to produce more complicated projects.  In addition to producing small samples for study, participants will end up with finished products to show in the art exhibition and bring home.

     Small pieces of silk and muslin and short lengths of yarn will be provided.  In addition, each participant will get a silk scarf to work on for a final project.  Additional materials for dyeing will be available for purchase at cost and participants can bring their own.  (Because natural dyeing is resource-intensive, I ask that no one bring more than 8 oz of materials for dyeing.)
     Elizabeth Hutchinson, who teaches American Art History at Barnard College, is an experienced knitter who has studied dyeing at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn.  When not writing scholarly articles and mentoring doctoral students, she brews dyestuffs, designs knitwear and sews in a small apartment just off Central Park.

Handwork with hand-dyed fabrics:
a special three days
with Jeanie Linquist

     Jeanie and Elizabeth have joined forces.  Join Jeanie on Wednesday to make art from the beautiful fabrics you have dyed.  

     During your time with Jeanie, you will take some or all of the pieces you have prepared in the hand dyeing workshop, cut them up and reassemble them into a star (or other design) that you will sew onto your hand-dyed base fabrics  Participants will learn the fairly simple technique of needle-turn applique using freezer-paper patterns.

     The workshop will start on Wednesday, once participants have created enough fabric to work with.  There will be a tutorial class on the needle-turn applique technique on Tuesday for those who wish, but I will teach the technique on Wednesday as well.  All are welcome to come and play with fabric and needle-turn applique, even if you don’t take the natural dyeing workshop.

     Supplies you should bring on island:  small scissors, needles, pins, and thread (cotton or silk in neutral color).  Jeanie will have spares in case you forget.

     Jeanie will provide freezer paper, irons, and some fabrics to supplement your project as desired.

     If you have questions, feel free to contact her at <>

Finding Yourself in the Rhythm
Matt Meyer

     Matt was so well received at LOAS 2 in 2014 that he is back to teach us about rhythms and percussion from around the world…and much more.
     His workshop will explore all kinds of world music through lessons, freestyle playing, stories, games and discussion.   The group will also look at what music can teach us about identity, culture, and the role of power and influence between races and nations.    Matt welcomes folks to bring their own drums but if you don’t have them, we will provide them. 

     Matt Meyer is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has studied abroad in Cuba, Ghana and Central America.  Matt has led hundreds of services for UU congregations and lives in Boston where he plays with several world music bands.  He serves on the UUA’s Council for Cross-Cultural Engagement and is also a founding board member and resident of the Lucy Stone Cooperative.

Soap Stone Carving
Candis Dixon

     Carvers new and old will be back on the Lindquist deck, working under the careful eye and creative spirit of our beloved Candis.   Come relax in the warm afternoon light (and expect to get a bit dusty!) as you turn an ordinary piece of soapstone into a beautiful, artistic expression of your own.   In this time-honored workshop, Shoalers carve and converse throughout the week, making new friends and coming away with unique treasures, which often are displayed at our Friday night art show.
     Candis Dixon makes and teaches art in Rhode Island.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” – Michelangelo.

Unlock Your Imagination- Improvisational Acting 
with Alex Landau

     Alexandra Landau is a working actress, teacher and a familiar face at LOAS 2 is excited to be leading her first workshop here.   A recent graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BA in Theatre and a Masters in Education, Alex has acted in several musicals, plays and films, and just recently finished working as a member of the improvisation troupe at Sterling Renaissance Festival, where she fine-tuned her craft as an interactive, improvisational performer. 

     Alexandra will bring her expertise to lead an improvisational acting workshop, where everyone is free to try out new things and take risks in a fun, accepting environment.   You will be invited to take part in imagination exercises to unlock your minds and use all your senses to imagine new and interesting possibilities.  This workshop promises not only to aid you in making ‘interesting decisions’ during the acting exercises, it should help you when communicating with people in everyday life and looking at life through a more creative lens. You will engage in activities to open up your physicality for use in acting exercises. And you will practice the skill of listening and responding to a partner truthfully, which is the basis of all acting and of meaningful, open communication in life. All ages and experience levels are welcome to come to the workshop.  Expect to laugh, while learning to accept, listen, and play with others through Improv with Alex. 

Yoga on Star: A Meditation-in-Motion
Thea Bourke Martin

     Join us for Yoga in a supportive, relaxed environment. In this all-levels class, we will explore yoga postures, relaxation techniques, and meditation designed to leave you relaxed and renewed. For those of you looking to deepen your practice, each class will offer additional teachings in pranayama, yogic philosophy and energy awareness. 
     Thea Bourke-Martin is a certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. In her classes, Thea endeavors to create a healing, supportive environment where students can listen to their bodies. She calls on students to observe themselves without judgment, so that over time they can come to love their bodies, quiet their minds, and engage in deep self-study. At their best, her classes are meditations-in-motion.
     Thea has studied yoga on and off the mat for over a decade. She has been most deeply influenced by Kripalu yoga. Its teachings – particularly the call to observe oneself without judgment – are woven into her classes. In addition, Thea has trained as a Yoga teacher in the lineage of Parayoga, and incorporates Parayoga’s teachings into her practice.  

Writing Circle with Ellen Schmitt
Ellen Schmitt

     I invite you to the pleasure of writing from your heart in a warm, supportive, and stimulating environment!  Each day I will offer a spark to kindle a memory, inspire a story, or ignite a poem.   Whether fiction or non-fiction, there’s a deeper truth to what you write.  Experimenting with new and familiar forms often yields surprises.  Best of all, there is no wrong way to do this!  Feedback is kind, encouraging, honest, and specific.  You can attend for one day, a few or the whole week.  Welcome to a workshop of mirrors of insights and self-discovery, and windows of understanding and connecting with one another.
     Ellen Schmidt teaches writing in Ithaca, NY in private practice as well as workshops at Cornell University.  She has 25 years of teaching experience, including numerous Star Island workshops at LOAS II and in 2008 and 2013 at the Star Arts Conference.  She has been invited to the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship in NJ for many years to give a weekend workshop.  
     More at:
Writing Room Workshops: Writing Through The Rough Spots with Ellen Schmidt (Ithaca, NY)


Single, 45 Minute Mini-Workshops to fill in your days

Folks will be gathering all week to play games (from cards to bocce to kick ball), discover the relaxing power of adult coloring, take up a favorite craft or share a particularly unique experience through personal slides.  Look for these small, informal gatherings on the porch, in the lobby, and in the writing room (located off the west end of the porch) and join in.   And remember, when in doubt, check the chalkboard

Mac & Cheese 101
(A special for Young Adults and friends)

with Bill LaBaire

mac and cheese.jpgCollege Students, join Bill as he presents and teaches his first real cooking experience learned some 20 years ago - a one-hour cooking demonstration just for you.  Simple but flavorful, this dish is still a favorite for Bill to make and one that you can play with and try countless variations.  Bill will limit this class to 10.   All are welcome but Bill will give first preference to our College age students and recent graduates.  Newton Rear, Monday 4 pm

Financial Management for College Students
with Bill LaBaire

Are you one of the many high school graduates and college age students who have said?  "No one teaches the basics of everyday finance."    Bill will spend an hour with interested young adults answering their questions about budgeting, saving, lending, mortgages, renting, check writing, taxes, and building your credit rating.     

Bring your questions and experiences.  This will be youth directed conversation.  Tuesday, Sandpiper  4:30-5:15 pm

Aging with Dignaty
with Mary Heafy

five-wishes.jpgBringing her experience leading Five Wishes workshops at her place of work, Mary is happy to bring Five Wishes to our community at Star.   Five Wishes is an easy to use legal document written in everyday language that lets adults of all ages plan how they want to be cared for in case they become seriously ill. It is America’s most popular living will with more than 18 million copies in circulation.  Five Wishes helps you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself. It is unique among all other living will and health agent forms because it speaks to all a person's needs: medical, personal, emotional and spiritual.  Five Wishes also helps structure discussions with your family and physician.    Join Mary Wednesday, 4-5:15 in Elliot. 

Windpower with National Wild Life Federation
Off Shore Wind Power:  Solutions that can rise to the challenge of climate change
     Large-scale clean energy solutions are available at or above the scale needed to meet our pressing environmental challenges. With a focus on offshore wind power as the largest untapped clean energy opportunity in the Northeast, NWF will lead a compelling conversation about where things stand, and what we need to do to realize this massive potential.
     Join Amber Hewett of National Wildlife Federation Sunday evening at 8:15 in Elliot.
(Tom Blum is happy to host a follow up starburst on Alternative Energy TBD)   
Musical History Tour
with Diane Taraz

Diane_Taraz_live.jpgJoining us again from last year, the ever-talented, widely acclaimed Diane Taraz.  Diane will modify her workshop so more of us can enjoy her magical tour in three bursts of song.   Using her glorious voice and dulcimer playing, Diane will lead us through a history of music from our island’s past as a fishing village, summer resort, and conference center.   She has stories to share and songs to sing that were enjoyed by the residents of Gosport in the 1700’s.   You will hear songs and poems from Celia Thaxter and her contemporaries, and poetry by Shoalers written in the 1930s and 40s and set to music of the day, including selections by Fred McGill.    Join Diane for one or all three of her starbursts – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 4 in Parker.

Hatha Yoga
with Nicola Hayward

:::Desktop:1429879537.pngNicola will offer daily Yoga opportunities for our Youth Leaders, late sleepers, those who were not able to attend Thea’s Meditation in Motion workshop and all those who just want more yoga.   Nicola is a student of Hatha yoga and has been teaching for three years.   Nicola’s class will focus on awareness, breath, contentment and will be geared to all levels.  In her words,  “We will bring our attention to our bodies, allowing our emotions to simplify and open and our thoughts to quiet and clarify. ”  You can check out her bio at

Join Nicola 4-5 daily in Brookfield and bring a Yoga Mat if you have one. 

Stenciling with June House -one time event

Here’s your chance to make your own Star Island original! Stenciling is fast and fun. You bring the stuff you want to stencil -- any kind of cotton clothing you wish, tote bags, socks, pieces of driftwood…. I will bring original stencils, paints, and applicators. You will leave this workshop with one or more original creations celebrating Star Island. … Something you will wear/use year after year when you return. I love my tote bag, stenciled many years ago. (photo attached) This old bag is more dear to me than any Gucci or Prada could ever be. It comes with me to the Island every year.   If you wish to make your own tote, blank canvas bags are typically available in the craft department in big box stores. Dharma Trading (online) also has quite an assortment. Give it a wash to remove sizing before you come to the island.
     Bring an item you want to Stencil    Join June Thursday: 3:30-5 in Sandpiper

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