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1963 (Richard & Nancy Case)  
1964 (Edith & Albert Doolittle)  
1965 Polly Laughland-Guild  
1966 Grace Lindquist (Carl)  
1967 Carol Allen (Bob)  
1968 Joyce Homan (Ray)  
1969 Ellsworth & Evelyn Smith The Courage To Live
1970 Rudy Nashan (Cathy)  
1971 Esther & Steve Yanai Whither Humanity and Earth
1972 Isobel & Thomas Garvett  
1973 Grace Lindquist (Carl)  
1974 Janey & Douglas Adams Marriage In Five Events
1975 George & Kathy Evans Journey Into Self
1976 Ann & Donald Eberle Personhood in the Religious Community
1977 Mary Jane & William Edwards Exploring Human Creativity
1978 Anthony & Sandra Spisto The Holistic Way: An Approach to Health & Healing
1979 Dorothy Wilkins (Ray) Peak Experiences, Depth Resources & The Daily Grind
1980 Dick & Meg LeSchack The Juggling Act: Carreer, Family, Education, Identidy, Children…
1981 David & Nancy Simpson Ordinary People - Extrordinary Dreams
1982 Pamela Thompson (Marty McGehean) "Second Stage" on Woman's Movement
1983 Tom Packard & Gloria Packard Getting Over The Rough Places
1984 Anita Nygren  & Ken Nygren Enlarging Our Personal Mythology
1985 Lou  Mitchell (Paul) Beyond The Second Stage
1986 Martha Copithorne (David) "I Am Not A Crook" and other Pecadillos
1987 Edith Kates (Victor) Modern Miracles & Moral Choices
1988 Lois & Jack Grebe Walk In Beauty: Religious Transformation & The Indian Worldview
1989 Judy & Tad Crawford Criss Cross/Apple Sauce
1990 Dinny Joffe (Joff) Theology 101
1991 Sharon & Tom Kennedy Labor Movement
1992 Janice & Howard Steinberg The Middle East Peace Process
1993 Marie & Keith Dupree America 2000
1994 John & Lynn Kelly Faith In The Presence of Evil
1995 Cori & John Hoffman  
1996 David & Lindy Anderson The Exact Location of God
1997 Nancy Witherell & Tom Check  
1998 Jim & Joyce Pickel  
1999 Debi Nygren & Kurt Nygren  
2000 Wilma Ronco & Art Smith Coming Home, Leaving Home
2001 Gail Henry & Sam Francis  
2002 Peggy Stedman & Amy Smith  
2003 Joshua Davis & Lisa Heisterkamp Davis Sharing Our Stories
2004 Catie Gormley Berg & Bruce Berg  
2005 Sara & David Whitford Let it Be A Dance
2006 Randall Grometstein & John Pustell  Seeking The Harmony
2007 Jill Brody & Herb Emers Conversations in Global Equality
2008 Martha & Dick Pereli Story Water
2009 Becky Friedkin & David Jones Building Community
2010 Bill Licea-Kane & Kay Snowden Reflecting on a Call To Serve
2011 Karen Gray, Tom Kane & Julie Mabey Evolution of the American Community
2012 Marion  Halberg and Michael Hardiman The Feast of Reason and the Flow of Soul
2013 Jeila Gueramian and Scott  Anderson

The Art of Listening: Where Empathy Meets Creativity and Action

2014 Stephanie & Will Ronco

Playing for Social Good

2015 Rebecca Armstrong and Dawn Reed

Small Star, Big Universe

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