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1963 no LOAS II   
1964 (Miriam & Byron Saunders)  
1965 Betty & Robert Beyer  
1966 (Eula & Donald Saunders)  
1967 Lillian & Richard Gatland  
1968 (Richard & Nancy Case)  
1969 (Jean & Basil Cochrun)  Race and Human Response
1970 Marjorie (Jacob) Wiren  
1971 James Brewer (Barbara) Looking at Life Styles - The Power of Private Persons
1972 Cathie & Victor Carpenter  
1973 Clifton & Katherine Hoffman  
1974 Theodore Allen (Cosette) The American Family
1975 Elise & Robert Gray Dreams, Daydreams and Shared Experiences
1976 Kathy & Robert Gardner Sharing a Personal Faith
1977 Paul Lietar & Ellen Lietar Wonder & Wild Honey (Poems, Prayers, Promises & Passages)
1978 (Wally & Lee Reid)   Mytholocial Dimensions of Life's Journey
1979 Sally & Aaron Hamburger Myth & Morals: The Behaviors of the Gods Within
1980 Frank Perkins (Kathy) Trends and Hopes for Star
1981 Joanna Henderson & Ned Sternick  
1982 Robert James & Ruth Hendry Exploring Tomorrow's Worlds
1983 Carol Titus & Clint Bentz Liberal Relegious Lives
1984 Kathleen Hunter & Peter Strahlendorf Please Tell Me A Story
1985 Irene & John Bush A View From A Star
1986 Nans Case (Dick) Who's Who in UU. What Nobody Ever Told You
1987 Bill & Glo Delamar Creating The Meaning in Your Life
1988 Ken & Sara Schoman Creative Conflict Resolution
1989 Martha & Bahram Nabatian Canadians & Americans: Cousins, not Siblings
1990 Steve Lazarus & Celeste Yanni World Wide Disability Rights
1991 Fred Mills & Susan Grassin Leiberalism & American Political Growth
1992 Barbara & Bill Crane Sacredness of Our Planet Earth
1993 Bob Bader & Shelley Lauer-Bader Exploring Multiculturism in Our Congregations
1994 Roni Phipps  & Peter Phipps  
1995 Christa & Scott Bain Enviromental Concern, a Star Tradition
1996 Shelly & Tony Psaris UU. Open To All?
1997 Rick & Wendy Wilson Mind, Body and Spirit
1998 Carrie & Phil Sears  
1999 Patti & Will Emmons  
2000 Arthur Eves & Myra Aaronson Voluntary Simplicity
2001 Claire & Ted Kuczinski  
2002 Michelle  & Gary Kunz Magical Mystery Tour
2003 Mary Heafy & John Smith  
2004 Judy Samuelson & Victor Henschel  
2005 June & David House The Wonder of Creation
2006 Cydney & Nick Mahoney On Becoming Philosophical
2007 Darren Grebe & Genie Bane Creating Connections
2008 Jeanie Lindquist & Mike McCallum Other People, Other Places
2009 Ellen & Oskar Schmidt Creating a Sustainable Culture
2010 Gifford & Matthew King Musical Connections
2011 John Shriver & Diane Taraz-Shriver The World in Your Pocket
2012 Tanya Van Order & Beat Barblan The Quest for Wholeness in Critical Times
2013 Pam & Ross Cole Leading with Pleasure: How to change the world.
2014 Ben Goodwin  Civilized To Death
2015 Jamie & Paul Jenson Igniting Human Potential

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