August 13 to 20, 2016
Your Chairs for LOAS 1, 2016 are
Meg Gurley and Geoff Attardo (and Douglas)

"The Nature of Star:
Our relationship with the world around us

Geoff, Meg and DouglasThe goal of this week on Star is to explore how we have developed as human beings and what that means for the world around us and our future.



FrontWe have put together a logo for the week and thought it would be nice to make a conference t-shirt available this year. The shirts can be ordered for printing from the link below and payment of $10 per shirt will be due upon arrival at LOAS 1. The shirts will be delivered directly to Star on Saturday, August 13! In order to have the shirts available for the conference all orders must be entered by July 30th. Sorry for the short notice!


For assistance with choosing sizes here is a link which will give you an idea how the shirts are sized (American Apparel shirts tend to run a little small). 

LOAS I 2016 Weekly Program now available!!


LOAS 1 2016 Leadership Team
LOAS 1 Leadership Team


Theme Speaker:
David Mangold Heiser
Evolution and the Paradox of Human Nature.

We are thrilled to have David Mangold Heiser as our theme speaker for the week! He will be giving a series of talks based around the theme of Evolution and the Paradox of Human Nature. David is the Head of Education and Outreach at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. He earned a Master’s Degree in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from the University of Minnesota. Along with his wife and two sons, David is a member of the Unitarian Society of New Haven in Hamden, CT.

David’s talks will cover various aspects of Evolution, the central organizing principle of biology. Evolution is among the most widely supported and accepted scientific theories. So why has it generated such controversy? We’ll review the key principles and mechanisms of evolution, reflect on the beauty of the evolutionary process and the remarkable diversity of life, address questions about how humans fit into the picture (How has evolution shaped human nature? Are we a unique species? Are we still evolving?), and consider the compatibility of evolution and religion.



Minister of the Week"
Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner

Our minister of the week will be the Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner. Megan is the minister at the Unitarian Society of New Haven (USNH) and brings to her ministry a passion for worship and theology that is relevant to people’s lives. A life-long Unitarian Universalist raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Megan received her B.A. in Religious Studies at Wesleyan University in 2001. From 2003-2005, she worked in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Washington Office for Advocacy and was privileged to connect with Unitarian Universalist congregations doing social justice at the local, state and national levels. Megan graduated from Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 2009 and subsequently completed a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) internship and residency, working as a pediatric chaplain at New York Presbyterian Hospital. 

Megan returned to Connecticut in 2011 where she completed her internship at The Universalist Church in West Hartford. She was ordained by that congregation in collaboration with her home congregation, First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati, in 2012. Megan served the people of The Universalist Church as Associate Minister from 2012-2013  and then the people of the Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison, CT as consulting minister shortly after the birth of her daughter. She returns each summer to Spring Green, Wisconsin, home of her Unitarian ancestors where she preaches in the historic Unity Chapel. Megan was called to USNH in 2015 and lives in New Haven with her husband, Anthony Clark, her two-year old daughter, Arden and two cats. With a deep love of singing, swimming, and lobster, Megan cannot wait to return to Star!



Registrar: Patti Emmons


Your Youth Team

Youth Coordinator:
Kristin Tlili

Floater: Fiona DeVito
Name: Malaga Group
Ages:  0.1 to PreK
Meets at: Louisa's Barn
Leaders: Ronni, Claire
& Molly Phipps
Ronni, Claire and Molly Phipps
Name: Lunging Group
Grades:  K to 1st Grade
Meets at: The Kiddie Barn
Leaders: Anne McPherson
and Ellie Emers
Anne McPherson Ellie Emers
Name: Cedar Group
Grades:  2nd to 4th Grades
Meets at: Lawrence Hall
Leaders: Liz Gray
and Vanessa Rose
Liz Gray Vanessa Rose
Name: Duck Group
Grades:  5th & 6th (born 2005)
Meets at: Parker
Leaders: Madeline Bergstrom 
and Hop Hopkins 
Hop & Madeline

Name: Smuttynose Group
Grades:  6th (born 2004) to 8th
Meets at: Brookfield
Leaders: Christine Gallagher
and Toby (Tie Dye) Dills

Toby & Christine

Name: Appledore Group
Grades:  9th through 12th
Meets at: Marshman
Leaders: Ken Keech
and Hillary Mehnert

Ken Keech ...Hillary Mehnert


Thanks to a generous grant from the Isles of Shoals Association, LOAS I is very pleased to have Rob Brereton working on music with our youth program. Rob will be coordinating with the youth leaders to develop a schedule.

Rob Brereton


Workshops and Starbursts:

Week long classes offered daily

Book Club on Island Time
with David Whitford

The theme of this year's Book Club on Island Time will be "What it Means To Be Human".

    We'll read essays and stories that examine our animality, our intellect, our emotions, and our spirituality, inspired by the the promise of this year's conference to explore "how we have developed as human beings and what that means for the world around us and our future."
        Each day we'll read and discuss one or two notable examples of magazine writing. We'll talk about the pieces themselves and the journalists who wrote them. We'll consider questions of craft, execution and meaning. I'll provide daily, manageable assignments designed for the reading habits of vacationing porch-rockers and rock-sitters. Participants are under no obligation to commit to perfect attendance but instead should feel free to peruse the assignments and join us for the topics that interest them.
     Hard copies of all the assignments will be available on island, but I encourage those who have them to bring e-readers. Once the reading list is ready, I'm happy to share it in digital form with those who email me at, subject: LOAS 2016 reading list.

Basket Weaving Workshop
with Patti Emmons

Join us for an exciting and fun-filled workshop on basketry. Once you get the knack for basket weaving, it will be an excellent companion to porch rocking. In this workshop we will learn about the different types of baskets and why they were typically made.

Click to EnlargeWe will be making two types of baskets during the week. The first will be a square napkin basket where you will learn the terminology for basketry and the core basics of weaving a basket. This will take about two days. The second basket we will make will be the round Brandywine basket, which will take up the remainder of the week.

You will be able to personalize your basket by either the size you make your basket and/or what color accent weavers you decide to use. Accent colors to choose from will be navy blue, hunter green, red, rust or smoke. There will be a minimal fee for each basket kit to cover the cost of materials. If you choose to participate in this workshop, you will need to bring the following items with you: 

1. An old towel

2. A pair of scissors for cutting the reed

3. Either a small knitting needle or an awl to assist getting the weaving reeds through tight spaces

4. A small tape measure

5. About a dozen wooden clothes pins

Personal Finances
by Aram Khavari

In concert with this year’s theme, we will discuss the “human” relationship with money management and explore paths toward financial wellness.  Each day’s conversation will cover the very basics of financial planning, investing, asset allocation and the effect of our emotions (human nature) on our decision making.  We will dedicate at least one of these sessions toward “Investing with Impact” and ways in which you can be socially & environmentally responsible while investing.  All levels of investment experience are welcome!

Evolution of Folk Music
with Rob Brereton

This week’s music theme is folk music in the United States. We’ll learn some new songs and explore the evolution and history of some familiar songs. We’ll sing ballads, spiritual songs, rounds, Appalachian, and so much more! Don’t forget to bring your instruments! I’ll have chord charts and printed music when I can. If you’re a dulcimer player, let me know and I’ll even bring along some dulcimer tab. I’m looking forward to singing, harmonizing, and playing with you! If you have it, be sure to bring along your copy of “Rise Up Singing”, the folk musician’s bible.

Rob BreretonRob Brereton has been teaching dulcimer and folk music at music festivals and colleges across the country for over 25 years. He also teaches music at Cold Spring School in New Haven, CT and directs several choirs in two churches. You can hear some of his playing by searching iTunes or Contact me at

Art Barn
with Jacquie Lotz

Capturing Wonder with Watercolors


Workshop Description

Composition, capturing the intangible essence of light, sky, and water, creating and mastering colors, learning to see all of these can be used to evoke the beauty and spirit of Star Island. Join our watercolor workshop to be inspired by and share your vision of the natural world, objects, and creatures (both human and wild) that make Star come alive. Artists at all levels welcome.


Click to Enlarge!Jacquie has been painting and drawing since childhood. She loves the beauty of Star, gardening, and cooking. Creating seems to be her purpose. 

For this workshop, she will provide watercolor paper 300 lb (hot & cold press) and a limited supply of Winsor Newton paint and brushes. Bring your own supplies if you have them, plus a drawing board, paper towels, a container for water that won't blow away, a cushion to sit on, sun screen, a hat, and most important, your own inspiration.

with Julie Bailis

Julie Bailis is a yoga teacher with a background in multiple styles of yoga and meditation. She teaches yoga in the New Haven area and is looking forward to leading you in various styles. Each day a different style will be offered being sure to satisfy yogis from many traditions. Beginner Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Power, Gentle, and Yin Yoga will be offered. Each class will include pranayama (breathwork), asana (poses), meditation, and svasana.

In addition to teaching yoga, Julie is owner of Reflexologist at Replenish LLC, Reflexology and Healing Arts. At her space in Hamden, she helps clients find relief from stress-related ailments through the art of Reflexology, manipulation of the hands and feet. To learn more about Julie

Intergenerational Science
with Sam Francis and Gail Henry
(late afternoon workshop - 4:00-5:15pm, Sun-Thurs.)

Dualing with Science
Don’t fight it—join up with a partner and make some science toys!  All of the projects require two sets of hands, but each person can make and take their own for keeps.  We just ask that you help each other when making kaleidoscopes, swing & catch toys, rain sticks, lever puppets, tapping woodpeckers and airplane launchers.  But wait, there is always a math component to science and here it is:  you and your partner’s combined ages must total 21 or more.  Find a friend or make a new one and join us on the porch each afternoon. 

Single, 45 Minute Mini-Workshops to fill in your days

Infinity T-shirt Scarves with Pat Dowey
     Upscale an old  t-shirt into a trendy fashion accessory with beads, finger-braiding, fringe, knotting, and other applications.
     For best results bring:  a seamless, Men's size Large (or larger), brightly colored t-shirt.  This is the opportunity you've been waiting for to re-purpose a well-loved, tye-dyed t-shirt from your LOAS 1 collection! 

The Ukulele with Dawn Elane Reed Human Powered Water Skiing with (who else?) Stephanie and Will Ronco!
Reflexology with Julie Bailis  


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