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STAR ISLAND is one of 9 (or 10 depending on the water) small islands within the Isles Of Shoals, about 10 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It has an old, wooden hotel (The Oceanic) and several cottages that house up to 300 people for week-long conferences in the summer months. It is owned by the Star Island Corporation and the different weeks have themes that range from Religion to Art to Science to Families. The workers are mostly college-age kids who work and live there all summer long. They are known as Pelicans and are a tight-knit group who work for next-to-nothing and the pleasure of being on Star all summer long. Star Island is akin to a camp for all ages and is affectionately known as "Our Spirit Home".  For a complete primer on Star Island, visit the OFFICIAL Star Island website. 

Since Star Island is difficult to describe fully, a new video was created by the Star Island Corporation will explain  what Star is about, what to expect when visiting or staying and why it is such a special place for so many.

This video, shot in 2011, details the magic that is Star Island:

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Cast your gaze over the pristine seas of the New Hampshire coast and on a clear day, catch the glimmer of buildings dotting the islands a few miles off shore.

These are the Isles of Shoals, and this is the rugged and rustic Star Island, owned and operated since 1915 by the Star Island Corporation to provide religious and educational retreat for those attending weekly conferences.

Hop on a boat from Rye Harbor, Portsmouth or Newburyport for a day trip and you’ll soon find yourself in Gosport Harbor, where the Isles of Shoals offer a glimpse of life as it was in the nineteenth century. Here you can leave 21st century technology and demands behind as time stands still.

Caught the island spirit? Consider a week-long summer conference. Mid-June through Labor Day, there’s something for everyone—from arts and natural history to world affairs, science and spirituality.

Short on time? Try a weekend or mid-week conference in early September when the weather is beautiful, or a personal retreat at any point throughout the season.

Star Island becomes a lifelong tradition for many folks who come back, year after year, to experience the island magic with their families, generation to generation. Once you’ve come, you’ll remember Star for a lifetime. The cry of the gulls, the pristine beauty, the history, will stay with you long after you return home.

Star Island is one of the rocky, wind-swept Isles of Shoals, located off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire. For over 100 years, summers here have provided individuals and families with a welcome respite from their busy mainland lives. Star Island Corporation is a nonprofit organization which maintains the island and its facilities and provides hospitality services for visitors.


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