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2017 REGISTRATION FORM (Only if online registration fails)

The following links access all forms and policy papers regarding our Child Protection Program, known as the "POLICY AND PROCEDURES ADDRESSING CHILD ABUSE 2017" (PPACA):
PPACA Policy 2017
SORI Request Form


LOAS 1 Registrar: Patti Emmons 
LOAS 2 Registrar: Mary Heafy
LOAS Treasurer:
David House  


How to Register for Life On A Star Conference:

*If you do not want to, or cannot register online, you may still register the old way. But it's important to note a change: the registration will be mailed to Star Island Corp, not the registrar. Click HERE for those instructions.

To Register Online for LOAS I click HERE

To Register Online for LOAS II click HERE


LOAS Program Fees:
$130 per adult, $80 per child (ages 17 and under)

Star Island Room & Board Deposits:
$200 per person age 6 and older, no deposit for those under 6.


2018 Room and Board Rates:
Adult rates (per person):
/double (shared standard)
/motel double
/motel single
Singles are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Children rates (per person): 
age < 6 - no charge!
age 6-11 $448
age 12-17 $640

The above rates include room and board deposit, the Thomas Laighton Ferry charge and fuel surcharges, but DOES not include LOAS conference fees.
The Room & Board Deposit this year is $200 per person and no deposit for children under 6.
The balance of your room and board deposit is to be paid in full on Star Island during the conference. The hotel accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards for your hotel bill, however, the gift shop, book store and snack bar do not accept credit cards.

Manual Registration Process. 
1. Complete Registration Form, Sign and Date (Note that the GRADE question refers to which grade the child will be in in September 2019)
2. Enclose Registration Form , Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, (first class postage) and a check payable to SIC: For each conferee attending on this registration, you will need to add up $200 per person for Room and Board deposit for those over 6 years of age, PLUS $130 LOAS Program Fee per Adult and $80 Per person for those 17 and under. The total is the amount of the check to send. Example: If there are two adults and two children (15 and 18), it would be 4 R&D deposits for $800, plus 3 LOAS fees of $130 for $390 and 1 LOAS fee of $80 for a grand total of $1,270. Remember that the $800 is a deposit and will count against your total bill on island.
3. Send your registration form, check and self-addressed, stamped envelop to Star Island.
    Star Island Corp
     Morton Benedict House
30 Middle Street
     Portsmouth, NH 03801

4. Wait for your acceptance letter in the mail, or notification that you are accepted. Contact Patti Emmons for LOAS I or Mary Heafy for LOAS II if you have further questions.

If you are bringing a child under the age of 18 with you  and you are not their parent, their parent will need to complete a minor medical release form to mail in along with your registration form. You can find a minor medical release form to print out and complete on the Star Island website.

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LOAS Registration Policies    (The LOAS Registration Policies below were revised in November 2002.)

Admittance Requirements

Island registration policies are observed.  Applicants must be self-sufficient and not in need of regular medical or psychiatric treatment.

 In addition to existing Island rules about minors attending without parent or guardian (including, for example, proper medical treatment authorization forms), it is the policy of the LOAS Conferences that a person under the age of 18 may attend only as part of a family unit including said minorís parent, guardian, aunt, uncle or grandparent.  If the minor is attending with a sibling as guardian, that sibling must be 21 years old or older.

 If a family is aware that a family member requires special attention in order to function in the conference environment without unduly interfering with the ability of others to enjoy the conference, it is their responsibility to:

-         inform the registrar and conference chairs of the situation

-         make arrangements satisfactory to the conference chairs for special care and supervision

If the problem arises during the conference, then it is the responsibility of the family/guardian to make such arrangements for the special care as are satisfactory to the conference chairs.

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Reserved Spaces

Spaces are reserved for LOAS chairs (current chairs and chairs from the past two years), treasurer, and registrar.  These people have the option of attending both LOAS weeks. The conference chairs are guaranteed in for two years following the year they were chairs.  

The outgoing treasurer and registrar are guaranteed in for two years following the years they worked, provided they worked for at least three years as either treasurer or registrar beginning with people elected in the fall of 2003. For the treasurer and registrar elected before 2003, they are guaranteed into the conference for three years following the years they worked, provided they worked for at least three years as either treasurer or registrar. 

If an application is postmarked by the opening day of registration (March 10th) and remains on the waiting list until the day before the conference begins without being accepted into the conference, the applicants are guaranteed space in either LOAS conference the following year if they re-apply by the March 10th deadline.  An additional family member may be accepted at the discretion of the registrar.

Staff of LOAS I and II, and those automatically accepted as past chairs, treasurers, and registrars will use discretion in whom they include on their registration forms for automatic acceptance.  Inclusion of adult children and their families is strongly discouraged and will be disallowed by the registrar if the conference is oversubscribed.  Adult, dependent children living at home, widowed parents, a niece, nephew, or grandchildren are permissible if they could not stay at home on  their own. 

The immediate family of youth leaders under the age of 22 are guaranteed for the year or years that youth leader works.  Only the youth leader receives the option of a guarantee for the second week or the following year. (See Staffing below) 

These two paragraphs do not apply to families submitting registration forms for routine acceptance. 

Chairpersons may bring a helper to baby-sit minor children. 

The interpretation of the foregoing rules rest with the registrar. 

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Conferees who cancel six weeks before the conference begins will receive a registration refund. 

Those who cancel during the three weeks preceding the conference will be placed at the bottom of the next yearís waiting list, should they apply. 

Conferees who do not cancel and do not attend the conference will not be accepted the following year.

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 Theme Speaker

The registration fees, room and board, parking and boat fare will be paid by the conference for the theme speaker and the theme speakerís immediate family. The theme speaker is not guaranteed into the conference the following year.

 Minister of the Week

Parking and boat fare will be paid by the conference for the Minister of the Week and spouse or partner. Star Island Corporation will pay the room & board for the Minister of the Week and their partner or spouse.

 Full time Youth Leaders

Full time youth leaders and youth coordinator will have their registration fees and room and board (equal to a double room) paid by the conference. In addition, they will have the option of staying for a second week the same year or have guaranteed acceptance into one week of the conference the following year.

Workshop Leaders and part-time Youth Leaders 

All workshop leaders and part-time youth leaders will have one half of their registration fees and room and board (equal to a double room) paid by the conference. They are only guaranteed in for the week they work.

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Conference Overnight Guests & Personal Retreaters

There are two ways to come to Star Island for overnight stays apart from registering for a full conference. 

Conference overnight guests register for a segment of a conference and have full access to all conference programming during their stay on Star (e.g. workshops, discussions, and childrenís programming). 

Personal Retreats are less-structured vacations of one night to a week or more where guests set their own schedule of activities and generally do not attend conference sponsored events. These options offer people who are new to Star a way to spend a few nights on the island. For people who are already attending a conference, these options offer them opportunities to come back. 

Bring or Be a Conference Guest 
If there are rooms available during the conference, conferees are allowed to invite people to spend individual nights on Star Island as conference guests.

If you would like to have an overnight guest, please check with the Registrar for that week to make sure that space is available.

Check the THOMAS Laighton (Portsmouth) Boat Schedule HERE
Check the UNCLE OSCAR (Rye Harbor) Boat Schedule HERE. Remember that it's strongly suggested the you come and go on the same boat line, otherwise you would need transport between the two towns.

Fees for a Conference Guest (per person):

Currently, Room and board rates for 2019 start at $197 per night, double occupancy . They will be posted here when made available.

Click to go to the Personal Retreat Page for Conference Guests

Conference Overnight Guests
Conference overnight guest rates are slightly lower than rates for personal retreaters (although higher than the per night rates for a full conference). This is a great way to try out a conference. Returning Shoalers can also be conference overnight guests if they are unable to attend a full conference. 

Conferee Guest Day Visitors
People visiting conferees for the day are permitted to eat meals with the conference if their conferee sponsor arranges the visit through the conference registrar or chairperson prior to the day of arrival if there is space in the dining room (check at the front desk). Visitors eating in the dining room must pay for their meals in advance at the front desk.

Upon arrival, conference guests must check in at the front desk. Please note that for shorter stays, our conference overnight guest rate appears to be higher than our personal retreat rate Ė this is not the case, as our conference overnight guest rate includes round-trip boat fare on the Thomas Laighton (personal retreat rates do not include boat fare). Guests choosing to come to Star via another mode of travel are responsible for paying whatever additional fares they incur. 

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