Our Life On A Star (LOAS) conferences are associated with the Star Island Corporation. We hold two conferences each summer during August. Star Island is part of the Isles of Shoals, which are located 10 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. 


Click for larger imageLife On A Star I & II Conferences are  family oriented and we invite you and your family to join us to spend a relaxing week enjoying the magic of Star Island. We welcome people of all ages, lifestyles and beliefs.  We offer a variety of activities each day along with time to sit back, relax, spend time with new and old friends and renew your spiritual side.

If you have never been to Star Island or to LOAS, we invite you to come spend a week with us, or stay for an overnight. Since Star Island is difficult to describe fully, a new video HERE created by the Star Island Corporation will explain  what Star is about, what to expect when visiting or staying and why it is such a special place for so many.


Morning Chapel service usually overflows to outsideOur conferences are seven days long, Saturday afternoon to the following Saturday morning. Each year we select one or two Chairs who arrange for a Theme Speaker (and of course, a Theme) for the week, Minister of the Week, workshop leaders and youth leaders.

Low Tide walk for the kids is always fun!Our children's program is usually held from 9:15 am to 11:45 am and 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm every day. We offer many different age ranges for the children's program, with at least two adults leading each group. In addition, we have a youth coordinator and a floater who help the youth leaders  throughout the week. Parents volunteer on an occasional basis, for example, helping to row to the neighboring island and helping out during children's social hour, or the all important Ice Cream Social.

As a special treat, Conferees allowed to jump off of the pierMornings begin with brave souls becoming polar bears for a dip into the clear Atlantic Ocean.  Our Minister of the Week leads a morning chapel after breakfast and before the theme talk. The Theme speaker has a presentation each morning for about one hour. After the theme talk, we offer a selection of workshops to choose from that last for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  In the afternoon, we again offer a selection of workshops while the  children's program is in session. Around 8:00 pm every evening, there is some type of organized event: talent show, musicale, Pelican (hotel staff) talent show, etc. Every evening around 10:00 pm, we hold a candle-lit chapel service in the stone chapel that is lead by members of the conference. For the night owls, we usually have a Starlight Cafe, which is a coffee house type of gathering that goes until the wee hours of the morning.

Theme Talks are an interactive affair (with Anna Sale of NPR)The hotel has a snack bar where you can purchase lobster rolls, frappes, lime rickies along with traditional treats. During the week, there are various activities that lend themselves perfectly to an island environment. One of the all-time favorites is a softball game between the conferees and the staff, with the only known left field that is located in a cemetery and fly balls there are ground rule doubles! See the pictures HERE.

You may attend as much or as little of the planned activities as you wish. Some people try to  fit as much in as they possibly can and others prefer to sit in rocking chairs on the hotel porch or on the rocks and just relax.

Even the older folks get into reliving our youthOur conference is run by chairs who are selected each summer for the following year (or years). We have a coordinating committee that oversees the conference between meetings of past chairs, which is held every fall. We have an elected treasurer and an elected registrar, along with elected provisioner who are responsible for acquiring our supplies for "social hour" which is held every evening before supper. 


If you are interesting in learning more, seeing how the leadership works, or if you would like to BE a Chair, click HERE for the Leadership Page

Please visit our pages for LOAS I and LOAS II for specific information pertaining to our conferences this summer.

LOAS has our own Newsletter, 
"Life Off A Star", which is published quarterly (or nearly) by Patti Emmons

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