Current as of: January 1st 2018

Lee Reid Scholarship Fund

Since 1993, the LOAS conferences have provided partial scholarships to conferees needing financial assistance for their week on Star Island. In October 1997, the program was named the Lee Reid Scholarship Fund in honor of Rev. Lee Reid, a LOAS conferee who passed away that year.

Here is some information relevant to filling out the Life on a Star Lee Reid Scholarship Application:

1.     You may not receive a scholarship or grant from both the Life on a Star Conference Scholarship program and the Star Island Corporation Financial Grant program. The programs are administered independently and draw on different pools of funds. You may apply to both the Life on a Star Conference Scholarship program and the Star Island Corporation Financial Grant program, and you may accept whichever offer suits your circumstances better. If you apply to both programs, you must indicate this on both application forms.

2.     You may receive a financial aid in lieu of one of the Star Island discount programs. See the "Financial Grants" web page for more information.

3.     On the application form, include all the people for whom you are responsible for paying the bill. Typically these would be members of a family, but if your circumstances are different, please follow this guideline: if you're writing the check / using your credit card / paying cash for someone, please include them on this form.

4.     Please note scholarships are always partial. We cannot cover the full room and board costs for anyone. Over the past few years, scholarships generally have been not more than 50% of the total cost of Room & Board and Program Fees.

5.     Your scholarship is a dollar amount determined by the Life on a Star Scholarship Committee. 

6.     Your scholarship will appear as a credit on your hotel bill when you check out.

7.     Scholarships are based on the double room rate room rate, as shown on the application form. If you need a single room or motel unit, your bill will reflect the actual charges for the room you occupy. 

8.     The amount of financial aid for each application will depend on the number of applications received.

9.     You must have already registered for either Life on a Star 1 or 2 in order to apply for a scholarship! If financial constraints make it very difficult registering and paying the deposit for the Conference, please contact the Conference Registrar for the conference you are applying for: 

LOAS 1:Patti Emmons

LOAS 2: Mary Heafy

Download the 2019 Scholarship Application Form (PDF) here

Lee Reid Scholarship Fund FAQs

How do I apply?
Download the application from here. Complete all sections and return it to the scholarship committee. If  you cannot print the on-line form, send a note to the scholarship committee and ask to have the form mailed or faxed to you.

The address is:
Lisa Heisterkamp Davis  
Scholarship Chair
54 Academy St.
Arlington, MA  02476-6436

Then what?
The scholarship committee meets in the Spring to review applications and determine grants. You will be notified by the end of June. If you apply for a scholarship after June 30 and there is money remaining in the Scholarship fund, the committee will make a decision and notify you within 2 weeks of receiving your application. 

How much can I expect to receive?
The amounts awarded vary but typically fall in the 30%-50% of the hotel room and board and program fees.

What do you consider when awarding scholarships?
The committee will look at the whole group of applicants, taking in to consideration individual needs, and then distribute the available funds as fairly as possible.

How big is the pool of money used to award scholarships?
The committee works with a pool approximately $15,000 (it varies from year to year) which is shared among applicants from both LOAS conferences.

Where does the money come from?
Every year the LOAS conferences hold an auction on island which benefits the scholarship fund. Conferees also make individual contributions to the fund.

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